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Opposite day!

Opposite day! You know the feeling of being stuck in a routine, or a light rut? Especially in the winter months we sometimes feel at Lola that we are going into a bit of hibernation :) every day is like the previous one and that is not very motivated. Fortunately, it can also be different, that's why today is: Opposite day! Get inspired ;)! 1. If you're going to work-out today, try putting on completely different music than the one you normally listen to! Music determines the atmosphere, so if you keep going through the same playlist, it's not surprising that you stay in the same mood. Surprise your ears with something new! And who knows, you might discover a new cool style. 2. Fake it until...

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Shining with the holidays: ideal image and I

Ahhh the holidays. A time of being together, fancy dinners, glitter and glamor and of course the most perfect photos on social media. Of course, that's not necessarily the reality at all. Everyone has their own traditions and wishes and can share what they want. Unfortunately, the ideal pictures are sometimes very confronting with their own reality. In recent years, there has been a huge rise of influencers who want to show “the real thing” and that is not without reason. We are heavily influenced by everything we observe, including the media. The perfect images can be perceived as truth and living up to them can be a painful process when it turns out not to be the same.  And...

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YOU ARE A CANVAS Winter, a luxury or misfortune of the Netherlands. However you look at it, it's clear that these cold days have arrived and the hopes for a white Christmas can begin. With the occasional blue sky, it's definitely time for gloves. It is these days when you can enjoy the beautifully colored leaves that want to win the competition to stay on the tree as long as possible. Or how about that wonderful fresh air that blows your lungs open and makes your nose tickle from the cold.  A new season with new challenges and in less daylight. Although winter has many beautiful colors, the gray side of this time can sometimes feel very heavy. No matter...

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Share your story with us!

LOLA is all about Body positivity.  We want everyone to feel welcome, but even more so that everyone feels good in their body, regardless of size or shape.  We believe that all bodies are beautiful. We are looking for people who want to share their story with us. The more people talk about body positivity, the more people we can reach and spread the message! Join the newsletter and stay informed of inspiring stories from many. CLICK HERE! Would you like to share your story with our community? Ask for the possibilities and send an email to LUNA@LOLASSPORTSWEAR.COM  Or do you want to collaborate with LOLA. CLICK HERE! 

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You're great!

When you get your social media opens you will be inundated with beautiful pictures, perfect photos and ideal images.  Is this reality? Is this how people want to be seen and what we strive for? This does not apply to me!  It is of course tempting to believe that everyone on social media has a perfect body and life but, it will not surprise you, this is not the case. Everyone has a story, a purpose, one live a passion and his or her ups and downs.  I too have a story, just like everyone else. I have practiced top sport all my life and have been retired since corona and am a different one with this sporty road beaten in....

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