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*Sign up below Lola is dedicated to celebrate body positivity. We believe that all bodies are beautiful! We do this by offering free sportswear and swimwear for everyone to shine in, and by putting all kinds of inspiring people in the spotlight. Do you feel like you fit the narrative? We are now looking for influencers, to test and promote our new clothing! By promoting our products in your unique way you can earn and be an inspiration to many. We are NOT looking for size 34 or something. We just want to add amazing people to our team❤️ Do you think this would suit you or a friend of yours? Boys or girls, size 34 or 46 we don't care! It's all about the person and the...

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Pregnancy fit x Valerie!

Are you also as beautiful pregnant as Valerie? Or would you like to have extra stretchy leggings that are NOT see-through? Check out now the pregnancy fit x Valerie!

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Opposite day!

Opposite day! You know the feeling of being stuck in a routine, or a light rut? Especially in the winter months we sometimes feel at Lola that we are going into a bit of hibernation :) every day is like the previous one and that is not very motivated. Fortunately, it can also be different, that's why today is: Opposite day! Get inspired ;)! 1. If you're going to work-out today, try putting on completely different music than the one you normally listen to! Music determines the atmosphere, so if you keep going through the same playlist, it's not surprising that you stay in the same mood. Surprise your ears with something new! And who knows, you might discover a new cool style. 2. Fake it until...

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Gelukkig Nieuwjaar allemaal!🥂 Op de reclames van de top 2000, die natuurlijk keihard aanstond in de dagen voor 1 januari, deed men alsof 2021 een vreselijk jaar was en 2022 alle dromen waar gaat maken. ONEENS! 2021 was uniek en ook wel zwaar op moment maar ieder jaar kan zo aanvoelen… toch? Uiteindelijk gaat het erom hoe jij kiest ermee om te gaan! 2022 gaat zeker het jaar zijn waarin dromen uitkomen en wel omdat we daar zelf voor werken! Goeie voornemens maken we niet zomaar, ze kunnen jou bewust en onbewust leiden naar die plek waar je echt wil staan. We mogen alle gevoelens voelen die corona bij ons oproept en wel kiezen om binnen de ‘regels van ‘t...

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